MIHAI TOMA is an independent designer and art director partnering with businesses small and large to translate their essence into contemporary brands. The work spans over bold identities, compelling web experiences and bespoke printed goods, and is characterised by a shared sense of candour, novelty, and refinement.
Mihai Toma working on a newspaper designMihai Toma working on a laptop
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Digital Design
Logo Design
Print Design
Web Design
Ask every question
Every projects starts with curious play — conversations, workshops, ideation sessions where we immersive ourselves into everything brand. How does your brand smell like, and where does it go for coffee?
Define your essence
Once all information is on the table, we'll work to define the big idea behind your business — the essence and sentiment at the heart of what you do. This will lay the foundation for a meaningful, authentic and distinctive identity.
Make it happen
Using your brand's essence, we'll partner to bring your brand to life through a range of creative outputs. From tiny enamel pins, to statement billboards and interactive websites, we'll work collaboratively to scale your brand and build long-lasting results.
Let’s chat about your next big idea.