Selected projects across branding, packaging, marketing and advertising.

Tessian — Building the design system for the first Human Layer Security company.

A Tessian poster on a brick wall
Luna Magic Cover

Luna Magic — Beauty with a latina vibe.

Chilli Bomba Business Card

Chilli Bomba — Branding, packaging for Chilli Bomba, a gourmet savory, sweet, and spicy candy.

The Vör — Connecting women with information about work, money and mindset.

The Vor branding and web design poster design
Squirrel Pub Coventry cover

The Squirrel — Irreverent branding for the only pub that respects squirrels.

Livada Frumusica Cover

Livada Frumușica — Branding, packaging for a blooming cherry farm in Romania.

Post Office Press cover

Post Office Press — Visualising the post-digital for an experimental academic press.

Team Natural cover

Team Natural — Shaping bodies and minds.

The Establishment cover

The Establishment — The games of the British Establishment.

Power of Forgiveness cover

Power of Forgiveness — Empowering people to find and share forgiveness.

New Designers Coventry University Cover

Coventry University × New Designers — Championing the next generation of creative talent.

Radical Open Access Cover

Radical Open Access — Generatively designing a series of publications.

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