Livada Frumușica
Branding, packaging for a blooming cherry farm in Romania.

Cherries painted by the sun.

Livada Frumusica (in English: The Lovely Garden) is a cherry farm in Romania, cultivated by architect and agriculturist Stan Alexandra. Combining her family's long expertise in growing crops in the Frumusica farm, and her deep understanding of space, experience and taste, she had the ambition to reinvent how Romanian consumers appreciate the delicious fruit.

Livada Frumusica is positioning itself as a provider of premium quality cherries grown under the sun and needed an identity that reflected its values.I created a playful identity that ignores existing visual tropes of 'bio' or 'premium' food products and instead, builds a colourful universe of its own. The overarching concept 'Cherries painted by the sun' is a manifesto as to the quality of the cherries, the natural growth process, as well as the variety of colours cherries naturally grow depending on the species.

The logo summarises this concept in a memorable, minimal way by uniting the silhouette of a cherry, and the beaming rays of the sun. The voice of the business comes alive through lively copywriting, and the friendly, soft and fruit-like typography. The colour palette is derived from the ripeness of cherries, cherry dishes (like the milkshake pink!), as well as sustainable paper materials, such as recycled off-white and kraft paper.

To consolidate the graphic system, I've created a series of sun-splattered naïve illustrations that help further communicate the sentiment of the brand. The photography is curated to suggest a warm, sunny summer day — the peak season of the cherry fruit.

The easygoing, familiar feeling of the brand is carried forward through the stationery, printed goods, sustainable plastic-free packaging as well as on social media.The result is a charming, good-natured brand with a delicious product ready to be enjoyed by people across Romania.


Livada Frumușica


Mihai Toma, Anita Arabadzhieva


Brand Identity, Art Direction, Print Design, Packaging

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