The Establishment
The games of the British Establishment.

It's all a game.

The book cover draws a parallel between Owen Jones’ investigative political writings and the board game Monopoly. At the beginning of Monopoly everyone starts as an equal, but, in the end, a select number of players control the game and punish the inevitable attempts of all the other players to advance forward.

For the establishment, life is a rigged game, where the odds are in their favour, while the rest are destined for a slow loss.

The illustrations are inspired by vintage editions of the game of monopoly, to symbolise the permanence and history of the Establishment in British society.

The book cover was among the 10 shortlisted book covers in 2019 Penguin Student Award.


Penguin Random House


Mihai Toma


Art direction, Illustration, Book Cover Design, Print Design

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